Pretty much came in the side door.


Client: Red Bull Media House / School of Humans
Role: Field Producer

From meeting the real life Johnny Cage, to the designer of Q-Bert, working on this series about videogame and screen experience origins was right up my alley.


Client: TLC / Discovery Health / Asylum Entertainment
Role: Producer / Shooter

This was a doozy. My first job after Current TV, I was thrown into the fire for 2 seasons with this show both as producer and shooter. We embedded and tracked subjects with various substance abuse problems through the steps of recovery and I’m still in touch with many of them today. 


September 2005-2009
San Francisco, California

I started off as a part-time night editor with Matthew Sultan and Dan Gahr. I was working on other people’s things but then decided to make my own things and began creating and producing original content for the network, which was focused on authentic, short form, non-fiction content. (Which happens to be my specialty now...)

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